Tank weight updates

Just wanted to give a quick update on the status of the “Tank DPS “weights.

I do in fact have a working Paladin and Warrior model to calculate the weights for these two jobs. This does in fact mean I do have their weights, but not entirely. I’m still, however, in the process of creating one for the Dark Knight and has I have absolutely no clue about the Dark Knight and learning it from scratch essentially, it’s taking me a while. I’ve also been backtracked on other things in real life.

Anyway, as to why I don’t have Paladin and Warrior weights entirely is this; I don’t have a working Damage Formula which accurately represents the scaling of Strength for these jobs. I’m temporarily using the Model for the Dragoon, which, will give varying inconsistencies in the ratio between Determination and Critical Hit Rating, versus Strength.

Remember, stat-weights are not a direct measurement of DPS, but rather, calculated in proportion to an increase of DPS per point of Strength. So if there’s a difference in Strength Scaling per Job, whilst Determination remains the same per Job, then the ratio and the weights will be different.

Once I’ve gotten a Dark Knight model, I’ll have a think about whether or not to release them with a disclaimer that they’re not 100% accurate. Besides, the Scaling of Strength on the three Tanks will be altered in 3.2… So plenty time for me to level them up, if I can be bothered that is.

Tank weight updates

EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

Long story short, Mudras are silky smooth for EU Ninjas.

Decided to do some investigating. Unless I’ve been “fat fingering”, animation delays for GCDs are approximately 0.634s.

The 2nd Mudra came exactly 0.5s later, literally 0 Delay

If the CD of Mudras are 0.5s, then the Ration would of came at 1.635s, instead, it came at 1.702s, a whole 0.067s later. This could of been either me “Fat fingering” or there’s an additional delay between using a Mudra and a Ninjitsu

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EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed