Linearity of STR/WD/DET vs Levels

I thought it would be interesting to observe the linearity of stats going from level 35 -> 60. I’m only collecting data every 5 levels, so 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60.

So far, I’ve managed to collect Data for levels 35, 40 and 45. Here are the results and some are rather… Interesting to say the least.


First, I decided to check the base value of Strength at each level. To do this, I broke down my weapon so I had 0 Weapon Damage and Base Determination, whilst varying my Strength.

Slope: 0.082767033
Intercept: 2.714976477

Slope: 0.083061269
Intercept: 3.747673849

Slope: 0.084048672
Intercept: 4.226012212

The slope the base coefficient, the value at which Strength Scales per point. The Intercept, or the Y Value, is the value at which our line crosses the Y Axis. We can likely assume that there is a base value for Strength, but we’ll go onto that later.

What we can see, from these 3 levels, is that as our Level goes up, the Slope, or the rate at which Strength Scales per point goes up. Not only this, but our Base value of Strength is also increasing along side our Strength.

Unlike what we know of how Determination, Critical Hit Rating and Skill/Spellspeed, where their value decreases as we level up, Strength is completely opposite and it’s value increases as we level up. There’s also the possibility of Weapon Damage also scaling less, as our level increases.

Of course, I will need level 50, 55 and fresh level 60 data to fully confirm this, but it is looking very likely this is the case.

Not only that, Strength may have a much more “complex” formula, similar to Critical Hit Rating.

Adding all of the collected Data from level 35, 40 and 45, into my Dragoon Damage Model solver, we get these coefficients:

Level 35:

Level 40:

Level 45:

We can see our coefficients are exactly how I predicted them to be.

The slopes of Weapon Damage and Determination are both decreasing values, whilst Strength is increasing.

This is all the data I currently have. Once I’ve gotten data from level 50, 55 and 60, I will compile it all together and attempt to reconstruct the damage formula, based on these coefficients.

Linearity of STR/WD/DET vs Levels

4 thoughts on “Linearity of STR/WD/DET vs Levels

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dervy. I wanted to ask if there was a formula for defense in terms of armor and damage. Reason I’m curious is that I found out the other day protect increases defense by 15%, while foresight increases by 20%. However, activating foresight while protect is up leads to a 50% increase over the base stat. This is all fine and well, but foresight is notorious for not being too handy on the mitigation front and it only works against physical attacks. Is there a way to figure out how it factors into incoming damage?


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