Damage Formulae & Other Mechanics

Dragoon Damage Formulae

Damage/Weapon Skill Formulae


Auto-Attack Formulae


Monk Damage Formulae


Summoner Damage Formulae


Other Job Damage Formulae


Critical Hit Rating Formulae

Critical Hit Chance


Critical Hit Damage


Skillspeed Formula

Skillspeed on GCD:

2.51-((SS-334)/2641) (Courtesy of mauricedoison)

Skillspeed on DoTs:

((SS-354)/7722+1) – Note, this fits into “BUFFS” for damage calculation]


Parry Formula

(((Parry-354)/(565*5))+0.1) * (1-block_rate) * (1-enemy_crit)

Base enemy crit appears to be 5%, therefore it would be *(1-0.5), or *0.95

18 thoughts on “Damage Formulae & Other Mechanics

      1. http://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Maim_and_Mend_II

        🙂 That’s your problem!

        Though, it does look like the formula is over-valuing your non-crit values by a decent amount… Interesting.

        If I used 1.2 as the modifier, it hits right on your numbers. Must’ve been an error on my side most probably.

        EDIT: Yes, looking at it, I solved the formula with *1.2 and not *1.3… If you use 1.2 it’ll work. I’ll fix it for the actual *1.3 modifier later on.


  1. ThePepperMillDetective says:


    I recently became interested in finding out how the game calculated everything (hopefully gonna try to create a dps simulator if I keep up on it :P) and decided to start with the japanese formulas. I found them to be closer to what I feel a game dev would do since they use one formula for everything and use tables to plug in various modifiers for stance, buffs, job, etc. After playing with the Auto Attack formula and testing it with a couple of classes thanks to the help of friends, I believe the formula to be correct (hoping to get a better test set when I finally level a mch to 60). However, I found it to be lacking when I tested it on my SCH. I found that after simplification the formula looks like:


    When plugging this in and getting the min/max values I should expect, I found it to be off by 1. I also found that Cleric’s Stance did not change the values.

    The interesting things this formula brings up is that MIND/INT mean nothing to SCH/AST/WHM/SMN/BLM when using auto attacks. I know that this is probably a useless thing to explore since magic people never use auto attacks, but I wanted to be sure that it was correct for all classes. For reference, the original AA formula was:


    Thus I found that, for magical jobs, the JOB modifier is irrelevant, the ATK is irrelevant, the STNC should be irrelevant but is being said to make a difference, and I think the AA_EXISTS modifier is supposed to be 1.11, but I’m not sure. I was wondering if you could garner some insight into why the formula seems to break if I try to use a healer? Is it just some math error I made? Or is there an actual problem with the formula?


    1. Is that from http://ku-so.hatenadiary.jp/?

      If so, it looks like he’s updated his formula. My Dragoon formula is off by 1 damage values also. I’ve not checked for high potency values (in full i245), but it’s very accurate for the data-samples I tested with.

      My function is exactly like his; we have a base coefficient which scales damage. Where has Arisu_Neetsha adds the base Job Coefficient to WD, mine is a derivative of their AP/MP values. The WD across all Jobs are roughly similar and the only drastic changes are to the AP/MP coefficient values.

      I’ll be collecting a lot more data in 3.35 and rework on my formulas, but thus far, mine are pretty accurate for the data-samples I’ve received.


      1. Yes and no.

        Arisue Neetsha is using my Determination Coefficient and my Critical Hit/Damage formulas. The rest of the formulas are independant.


      2. thepeppermilldetective says:

        Ok. Seems I have a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to it 😀

        Any advice for moving forward?


  2. Not sure if you’ve updated your comments on ss since this post https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/4jbscn/blm_stat_weights_simulation_methodology/d35hkp3 but it’s inaccurate to say you just take the base cast time and add .01 to the start of the ss formula. You have to actually apply the multiplier to both sides of the equation. I would propose the more accurate formula to be BaseCast * (1.004-((SS-334)/6602.5) where base cast is in seconds.


    1. Also to note, haste buffs are calculated off the rounded value of the pre-buff cast time. ie 702 ss on raise ~ 7.727873 if the base cast was set to 6.4 seconds for PoM it would come out to ~6.182298 (displayed as 6.18 cast time), but it actually calculates as 7.72 * 0.8 which is ~6.176 (displayed as 6.17) This is of particular note to monks where moderate amounts of ss are a good thing for their rotations because it means fewer ss points between cut offs.


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