EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

Long story short, Mudras are silky smooth for EU Ninjas.

Decided to do some investigating. Unless I’ve been “fat fingering”, animation delays for GCDs are approximately 0.634s.

The 2nd Mudra came exactly 0.5s later, literally 0 Delay

If the CD of Mudras are 0.5s, then the Ration would of came at 1.635s, instead, it came at 1.702s, a whole 0.067s later. This could of been either me “Fat fingering” or there’s an additional delay between using a Mudra and a Ninjitsu

Ration has it’s own Animation Delay as well. I weren’t able to use my next GCD for an additional 0.6s, making the total cast time for Ration 2.302s.

Given the fact I were at 2.12 GCD, this would make my animation clip, with Ration, 0.2s.

Now, I’m positive this particular example was bad and I did “fat finger”, as I noticed that I weren’t clicking my mudras or my Ninjitsu as fast as I could’ve (I’m not a pro ninja admittedly)

I then decided to use a Suiton. My first Mudra came at 0.701, which is approximately 0.046s slower. This is clearly me doing something wrong, as each time I went to use a Ration, my first mudra came at 0.635s

My second Mudra fired off at exactly 0.5s later, as predicted

My 3rd Mudra went off at 0.51, but that additional 0.1s can be put down to latency, or the fact this is all recorded at 30fps, slightly messing around with the frames recorded.

Just like Ration, there was a delay between the last Mudra and the Ninjitsu firing off. My Ninjitsu went off at 2.236, an additional 0.534s later

And I weren’t able to use my first GCD for an additional 0.601s, making the total cast for a 4-step mudra like Suiton 2.836

So, what we can say is this:

  • The GCD animation lock is approximately 0.635s
  • Mudra Cast Times are at exactly 0.5s
  • Your Ration + Suiton Ninjitsu has an Animation Delay of 0.6s

In other words, eliminating any possibility of me just being shit

Fuma Total Cast: 0.635 + 0.5 + 0.6 = 1.735

Ration Total Cast: 0.635 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.6 = 2.235

Suiton Total Cast: 0.635 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.6 = 2.735

I’d like some proper ninjas to get some really good recordings if possible of them button mashing their button pressed so I can eliminate myself just “being bad at Ninjas”.

If these are what the timers are for a Ninja, then I don’t see any shift at all in a Ninjas Skillspeed Weight. If I’m bad and other Ninjas can somehow fire off their first mudra before 0.635s, or have a Ninjitsu delay of 0.5s, then I’m just extremely bad, even with 16ms, and yes, there will be a slight shift in Mudras.

You’re still clipping your GCD whether you like it or not, sadly. Just, it’s not that noticeable anymore.

EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

12 thoughts on “EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

  1. Viridiana says:

    Haven’t logged on in a few weeks. Might put down Disgaea 5 and log in for a few to test it.

    Sadly, less mudra lag just means more TP starvation.


  2. Leggerless says:

    I’m amazed I haven’t tested this out for myself yet. Guess I’ll change that on Wednesday when I have time to prelim test it on the NA side.

    What’s the program you’re using for that, by the way?


    1. Sony Vegas 13 🙂 It’s the program I use to edit my videos.

      You shouldn’t notice anything on the NA side, as the Mudra Fix shouldn’t be here until patch 3.1.

      This is simple a test to see how latency as affected Mudra on EU ninjas, with our new datacenter.


      1. Leggerless says:

        Heh, so it is mostly a latency test!

        However, the GCD animation delay and the Ninjutsu Animation Delay are different numbers in the results (.635 to .6), which raises an eyebrow. That’s what I’m keen on exploring further to see if they actually are different or just appear to be different.


      2. Viridiana says:

        I realized that you were talking about EU latency after I made my post, but I can’t find any edit button. >_>

        But yeah, if there’s been a latency fix for EU guys they’re gonna hate life for TP. And if 3.1 is gonna give NA a latency fix, I hope it comes with TP fixes…


  3. Bladedo says:

    I recorded some ninja mudra footage at 60FPS the other day.

    I can give you the source file as well if you’d like to skip through it frame by frame.


  4. Viridiana says:

    Looks like NIN, PLD, and…BRD? are getting TP adjustments. NIN wasn’t quite what I expected, and TP looks like it will still be hard on NIN who don’t have to DE. Just not as hard as it was.

    Actually, taking a second look at PLD, I’m not even sure it’s a TP buff. Yeah, Goring is down from 60 to 50, and Bash is down from 150 to 120, but Swipe is now oGCD so it can’t be used to regen a tiny amount of TP. I haven’t played PLD much since, like, 2.1, so I don’t know how much they use Goring, but this doesn’t sound hugely positive for them unless they’re stunlocking, and every fight that requires a stunlock I can think of also has breaks.

    And I really don’t know why BRD is getting more TP love. Was making it so much cheaper to maintain their dots not enough?

    (I haven’t logged into the game in weeks, so if I want to complain about patch notes, it’s your blog or bluegartr. When is that “hypothetical” forum going live? 😛 )


    1. I want to get it up soon. I have the prototype/draft website set-up already… But really, I don’t want to invest all of my own irl money into something for a very small group of players with a dying community. Many people quit or are unhappy, so I’m waiting to see what SE says about the raiding situation and what their decisions are.

      Once that’s sorted and I can see some improvement, then I’ll just buy the VPS’s and everything else I need. It’s just a matter of throwing money into the internet now, nothing else needs to be done.


      1. Viridiana says:

        Ah, yeah, that makes sense. Sadly, I don’t think there’s gonna be much improvement within 3.x, but I would love to be proven wrong.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The reason sks has been ranked so lo for Ninja is because of the clipping correct? If we are still clipping our GCD when casting ninjutsu what does it matter how big the clip is since we only cast every 20s? Wouldn’t it be better to ramp us sks as much as possible anyway since that means more GCDs over all? Rather than less GCDs but we clip less?


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