Job coefficients Update

4 days until Heavensward hype!

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s been a few numerical changes to my Dragoon model, but nothing dramatic. My Model is more accurate now, so that’s something I’m happy about, but that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

A while back if you may remember, I discussed Job Coefficients, or at least, a possibility of Job Coefficients.

Well, I’ve spent a very bloody long time recording data from a Dragoon, Ninja, Paladin and a Warrior and plotted them all onto a graph to see the linear regression of DMG vs STR, given 51 WD and 224 DET.

There’s 5 plotted lines, 4 of which are my parsed data points of the 4 jobs. “Dragoon Expected”┬áis the linear regression of my Weapon Skill model for the Dragoon and as you can see, it’s very consistent with my parsed Dragoon data.

This graph is further proof that each job scales Strength differently. But, what’s even more alerting to be is the differences in the “+1X.XXX” part of my linear slope. This is the base damage given 0 Strength, or the combination of Weapon Damage, Determination, and our base damage value. For the Dragoon, this value is 4.49ish.

The Japanese blogs however, with their AA testing, state that Determination scales similarly between all jobs. If this is correct, then there has to be a vast difference in the base damage of each job and/or Weapon Damage.

Next update, hopefully before Early Access, will be a similar Graph at 0 WD. This should provide me with base damage values and hopefully, we can see exactly what’s going on with our jobs.

Job coefficients Update