Who is Dervy?

Dervy lives on the FFXIV DPS forums. He does nothing but sits there and posts all day. 80% of posts there are from him and only him. He is the DPS forums.

Even though he allegedly has a British Accent and plays on the Moogle server, he has no known set timezone – he’s posting 24/7. Some say he’s an AI, others believe he doesn’t understand the concept of sleep. There’s also rumours circulating that he is a Dragoon in real life.

He’s somehow discovered how to create blogs after realising he doesn’t have a strong following on social media. This could be due to the fact he’s not human and doesn’t understand how to attract an audience.

People who’ve managed to catch him in-game have only ever seen him in the Mists, Ward 2, Plot 5 Training Dummy. According to a few sources, 90% of the End-Game to him is Dummy Parses.

Whatever the truth is, he’s decided to re-do a lot of core maths and concepts.

3 thoughts on “Who is Dervy?

  1. Patrick(Tatsu Maru) says:

    Hey Dervy! Hope all is well. You have some pretty amazing content to offer here and on YouTube, keep up the great work. I need some answers and you seem to be the reoccuring source of information for the bulk of my searches. Wasn’t sure where to contact you so…..here goes. I’m a PvPr looking to min/max at level 60….its my impression the gear sync warrants i190 or higher on all gear to hit base stat caps for PvP.
    1st problem: I can’t seem to find the stat caps anywhere.
    2nd Problem: Whats stat priority per job conserning(ACC/DET/CRIT/SS/etc.)
    I main a MNK, also play NIN/DRG…ive been stacking, STR/VIT/CRIT/DET on the left. As for the right, STR/CRIT/DET if possible. Otherwise the options are STR/ACC/CRIT or STR/ACC/DET…..pretty much avoiding SS as much as possible. So STR > DET > CRIT > ACC has been the stat priority so far. Wasn’t sure if PvP was diff than PvE in this regard…. Given your knowledge on stat weights and the abscence of information on this topic currently. I was hoping you could fill the void for the PvP community. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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