How accuracy works Part 1.

Accuracy is one of the many unknowns in FFXIV that I’ve not begun to investigate, until very recently, when a player known as Judge_Xero on the Dragoon forums posted his data:

His proposal, was that there’s a 5.5% accuracy difference between Front -> Flank, then a further 6% difference between Flank -> Rear, giving you a difference of 104 accuracy between Front -> Rear. In theory, just discovering the bare minimum caster Accuracy would be more than enough to figure out the remaining two accuracy requirements, Front and Flank.

So, I contacted Judge_Xero and we decided to repeat his test, but this time with a lot more data-points.

First, we needed to find the Flank -> Front -> Rear Accuracy% differences. To do this, we got a level 50 character with 341 accuracy, attacked a level 60 dummy and recorded our swings/misses/hits.

From what you can see here, there’s a straight 5% difference between Front/Flank, and for arguments sake, a 5% difference between Flank/Rear (Despite there being a 5.2% difference. More on this later)

To scale this up to level 60, we need to find out the Front/Flank accuracy requirements on a level 60 dummy, with a level 60 character.

So, at base accuracy on a level 60 character, you have 95% accuracy.

Next thing we needed to check, was the bare minimum needed to achieve 100% accuracy @ level 60 on a level 60 dummy on the front.

With 407 Accuracy, we had 1 miss…

Going up to 408, 0 misses.

408 – 354 = 54

So, there’s a 54 accuracy difference between Flank and Front.

54/5 = 10.8 = 1% of Accuracy.

Therefore, if there’s a 5% difference between Flank – Rear,

354 – 54 = 300 Accuracy for Rear.

54 * 2 = 108

Therefore, there’s a 108 Accuracy Difference between Front -> Rear.

As for the final confirmation; multiple players, like myself have had 0 misses on A8S at 699 Accuracy thus far. We would of encountered a miss at least once by now if 699 was not the front accuracy, due to the amount of times we need to hit the front.

A Black Mage, has been spotted with 591 accuracy, 0 misses and confirmed A8S clear (Midan Staff in weapon slot)


699 – 591 = 108, the exact proposed number that myself and Judge_Xero ended up on.

This also means that the true A4S Accuracy Requirement was either 339 – 467 or 338 – 466.

Going forwards, as long as the Casters continuously lower the accuracy to find the bare minimum, the community will only ever need to +108 to that value to get the Front, or +54 to get the Flank.

Credits go to Judge_Xero for his original test and helping out immensely with Data Collection, and Sunny Hirose for bringing up Confidence Intervals up, yet again.

Part 2, will be discussing how Accuracy scales per point in each encounter and figuring out whether or not there’s a “base” accuracy; a bare minimum Hit% and the per point of accuracy is the difference between the Accuracy Requirement and Base Accuracy, or whether Accuracy just scales Linearly.


How accuracy works Part 1.

3 thoughts on “How accuracy works Part 1.

  1. Paljero says:

    Are you sure the BLM does not use Apple Strudel as food for best spellspeed increase, which comes with small accuracy increase?


    1. I personally know this Black Mage. He was using 591 for the runs he tested it.

      However, he just got an extremely lucky farm with 0 misses. There has been reported BLM miss @ 591, making the final accuracy 592 for Rear/Caster.

      I need to update this page, sorry.


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