Summoner Stat-Weight work

I’ve been actively working on updated Damage Formulas for all Jobs, along with their stat-weights. I’ve been pretty quite for some time, but I’ve now decided to start publishing again what I’ve been up to:

The Summoner is a really weird job. Please note this is still incomplete and all of these conclusions do not include pets what so ever, only take into account the damage dealt by the summoner himself and are based off being i210…, but there’s so many weird interactions, especially with how I’m calculating weights.

First, you need to understand that there is a difference between Book Whacker and Non-Book Whacking Summoners and how their overall damage is distributed.

12.1% of the damage dealt is from your Auto-Attack. Auto-Attacks come from Strength, which makes up 27.1% of your AA Damage, or, 3.28% of your overall damage.

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Summoner Stat-Weight work