3.0 Preliminary Weights

I currently only have 3 jobs done so far. Honestly, the Summoner is taking up too much of my time… I’m dreading doing the Machinist. I’ll get the Ninja done very soon.


WD: 10.625
STR: 1.000
DET: 0.139
CRT: 0.162
SS: 0.104


WD: 10.714
STR: 1.000
DET: 0.139
CRT: 0.167
SS: 0.116


WD: 11.602
DEX: 1.000
DET: 0.140
CRT: 0.224
SS: 0.111

3.0 Preliminary Weights

11 thoughts on “3.0 Preliminary Weights

  1. Seika says:

    Good work. I can’t wait to see what the theorycrafting says about DRK and PLD. I was secretly hoping parry would get better since a long time.


  2. Seeing how Crit is a lot better then what it use to be, is it safe to say that Det is still best for monk? I have been under the impression from old to recent theory crafting along with BiS being top item level> str>acc( till cap)>Det>Crit. since 2.0. I see in your theory you have Crit .21 higher then Det. I am amusing Det is still better because it ( unlike crit, since it’s still a chance ) is there all the time. More det = out to str, more str = out to more WD. This is going under the impression that it is around 60 det will (give or take) equal out to be one weapon damage) I would really like to hear your input on this. Thank you for your time..


    1. Viridiana says:

      If Crit is shown as rated higher than Det, it’s because the times it does activate provide more influence than Det does, even though Det provides a constant influence. Besides, with the changes to Crit, MNK now gets benefit from Crit every time Bootshine comes around in the rotation.

      Also, based on the weights, it’s about 77 Determination to match 1 WD.


  3. Tex Mex says:

    I have a question abou tthe DRG stat weights. The new DRG rotation works really well with a GCD of 2.4 seconds due to how heavy thrust works. Most DRG guides out there say to get a GCD of 2.4 before all else. Based on how low the SS stat weight is, do you agree with this now?


    1. You’re confusing soft caps and stat-weights. Stat-weights are not derivative of soft-caps for rotations, hence why I set a range between 590-652 skillspeed where you’ll be most optimal, between 2.41 -> 2.39001 GCD. The SS weight.


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