Perma banned for good

Don’t talk about Parsers, ACT, recording data, log files or anything of the sort, on the official forums anymore. You have been warned. Square Enix’s forum moderation team can’t make up their mind on what is and isn’t safe to talk about.

Don’t get mad at the FFXIV Developers, as the Forum Moderators are in a completely different department in Square Enix and have literally no affiliation with the actual FFXIV Community Reps, Developors or others who are directly involved in the game.

It’s a shame, I guess, but their Moderation Team was the worst I’ve ever seen in any MMORPG anyway so I’m glad I’m no longer a part of it.

I guess it’s time to start moving on with other plans of mine.

Perma banned for good

4 thoughts on “Perma banned for good

    1. Yeah, it sucks. Ah well. In other news, I just finished Ninja and Summoner weights! So I’ll be putting up a post shortly about those two jobs! (Ninja took me less than 5 minutes to update model to 3.0)

      I hate the Summoner though. It’s very complex…


      1. Anonymous says:

        Hey there i know you’re very busy, but just out of curiosity based on the trends of the melee classes, do you think warrior will have a similar spread of crit/det/ss at ~.16/.14/.1 .


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