Differences in JP and NA/EU Damage Formulas

Unfortunately, just like society on Earth, Theorycrafting In the land of the West (I’m including you aussies here!) and the Japanese are vastly different. Our core understanding of the games mechanics are very similar – We both recognise that Critical Hit Rating has Marginal Diminishing Returns and that Skillspeed is rather Exponential. We also both recognise that Weapon Damage is the highest contributing factor for damage and potency is essentially a percentage of our base damage… Also that the Global 3s timer for all DoTs are very problematic.

Of course, this is mainly due to how basic these rules are. Everyone who plays the game will understand these mechanics someway or another… Except for the actual formulas to calculate Critcal Hit Rating, Skillspeed, and especially Damage. The damage formula is the largest difference and their understanding of Determination is completely different, including another big shocker that I suspect 99% of you would never of guessed!

Majority of the Japanese Theorycrafting work can be found on this Gentleman’s blog, who goes by the alias “neetsha”. (I think Neetsha is a dude at least…)


You may also find him on Twitter via this link:


There’s also an included damage calculator that he coded in Javascript, which is where I robbed some of his formula’s from, hehe ty m8!


 Before we go any further, I want people to understand that this document will become outdated by the 3.0 Heavensward Expansion and maybe even before then, as I’ll be going over the damage formula over the next few coming days/weeks/months/expansion packs (lol). When that time comparison, I’ll do another comparison post… But for now, enjoy!

We’ll start off with the Damage Formula as this is the juiciest portion of this entire topic. This is also the hardest to explain… and the longest to prove… and the hardest to understand as I have to use Googles shitty translator to help me read Japanese Blogs…

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Differences in JP and NA/EU Damage Formulas