Perma banned for good

Don’t talk about Parsers, ACT, recording data, log files or anything of the sort, on the official forums anymore. You have been warned. Square Enix’s forum moderation team can’t make up their mind on what is and isn’t safe to talk about.

Don’t get mad at the FFXIV Developers, as the Forum Moderators are in a completely different department in Square Enix and have literally no affiliation with the actual FFXIV Community Reps, Developors or others who are directly involved in the game.

It’s a shame, I guess, but their Moderation Team was the worst I’ve ever seen in any MMORPG anyway so I’m glad I’m no longer a part of it.

I guess it’s time to start moving on with other plans of mine.

Perma banned for good

3.0 Preliminary Weights

I currently only have 3 jobs done so far. Honestly, the Summoner is taking up too much of my time… I’m dreading doing the Machinist. I’ll get the Ninja done very soon.


WD: 10.625
STR: 1.000
DET: 0.139
CRT: 0.162
SS: 0.104


WD: 10.714
STR: 1.000
DET: 0.139
CRT: 0.167
SS: 0.116


WD: 11.602
DEX: 1.000
DET: 0.140
CRT: 0.224
SS: 0.111

3.0 Preliminary Weights

Formula Updates

All Formulas are up in the “Damage Mechanics and Formulas” page. If you click on the 3 lines on the top right corner, it’ll open up a menu which you can use to navigate my posts. Anyway, here’s the current and most updated damage formulas:

Critical Hit Chance


Critical Hit Damage


Skillspeed on GCD


Formula Updates

Summoner Stat-Weight work

I’ve been actively working on updated Damage Formulas for all Jobs, along with their stat-weights. I’ve been pretty quite for some time, but I’ve now decided to start publishing again what I’ve been up to:

The Summoner is a really weird job. Please note this is still incomplete and all of these conclusions do not include pets what so ever, only take into account the damage dealt by the summoner himself and are based off being i210…, but there’s so many weird interactions, especially with how I’m calculating weights.

First, you need to understand that there is a difference between Book Whacker and Non-Book Whacking Summoners and how their overall damage is distributed.

12.1% of the damage dealt is from your Auto-Attack. Auto-Attacks come from Strength, which makes up 27.1% of your AA Damage, or, 3.28% of your overall damage.

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Summoner Stat-Weight work

3.0 Critical Hit Chance & Damage Formulae

Critical Hit Chance

I saw this amazing open source google.doc on the blue garter forums which had A LOT of Critical Hit Data, so I gathered up my own Data-Points, then asked Viridiana, who I know has been gathering hundreds of Data Points, to add his to this google.doc… 354-760 Critical Hit Rating almost. Fantastic.

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3.0 Critical Hit Chance & Damage Formulae

3.0 Skillspeeds effect on GCD and DoTs

Mikal Mirkas has done an absolutely beautiful analysis on Skillspeed and came to the conclusion that there’s a 26-27 flip-flop each new “Skillspeed Threshold”, averaging out the Skillspeed shift to 26.5.

However, the first few points of skillspeed always seem to scale Skillspeed differently. As a precaution, I’m going to use the Japanese base GCD of 2.50256, giving us a new Skillspeed formula of:


Next, we know that Skillspeed Affects DoT damage. I don’t have many Data-Points for this unfortunately, but they’re roughly accurate and are tied to my Damage Calculation Formulae.

It’s pretty tight, but it looks like the Skillspeed Mod is approximately:


If you’ve read my previous post about the Damage Formulae, this Skillspeed Mod will fit under the buffs section when calculating damage. Alternatively, you can multiply it by the DoT potency. It’s the same effect.

3.0 Skillspeeds effect on GCD and DoTs

3.0 Damage Calculations for the Dragoon

Okay, here it goes. SquareEnix looks like they may of changed more than just the stats themselves. It appears there’s no longer a base damage value which my old model used to plus on top of the Strength modifier, after it’s been multiplied by 0.075.

This change to damage changes a lot of things. For example, the Strength Coefficient is now 0.011, and the Determination Coefficient is 0.0001368, which makes Determination scale almost 4.5 times less than 2.5X for Weapon Skills.

So, here’s the Updated Models, which, are a WIP:

Weapon Skills:


Skillspeed Mod for DoTs:
(1+(skillspeed-354)*0.0001285) – Note, this fits into the Buffs section.

GCD Calculation:
I read through a few sources about GCD on Bluegatr, Reddit and the JP one and now for GCDs I’m using:

The reason for 2.50256 is because the first 6 values of Skillspeed are valued differently. The Japanese use the 2.50256 number to by-pass the modifier for the first 6 values.

Of course, my Damage Models only work for the Dragoon and are still a WIP, so a few numbers will change.

Also, I spoke to Clorifex (Garlandtools guys) and he mentioned that the game uses whole numbers in every formula he’s encountered so far. Oddly:
1 / 0.0400573 = 24.96426889
1 / 0.1104181 = 9.056486629
1 / 0.0001368 = 7308.289367

There’s a good probability that the game actually Divides WD/STR by whole numbers, rather than multiplying by long decimals.

So, when I rounded these values, I got this:


This only gives me a 0.2 variation error over my model which multiplies values by decimals.

Total cumulative variation error is 3.8871, which is good, considering I still haven’t a clue how the Game rounds up numbers.

3.0 Damage Calculations for the Dragoon

Job coefficients Update

4 days until Heavensward hype!

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s been a few numerical changes to my Dragoon model, but nothing dramatic. My Model is more accurate now, so that’s something I’m happy about, but that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

A while back if you may remember, I discussed Job Coefficients, or at least, a possibility of Job Coefficients.

Well, I’ve spent a very bloody long time recording data from a Dragoon, Ninja, Paladin and a Warrior and plotted them all onto a graph to see the linear regression of DMG vs STR, given 51 WD and 224 DET.

There’s 5 plotted lines, 4 of which are my parsed data points of the 4 jobs. “Dragoon Expected” is the linear regression of my Weapon Skill model for the Dragoon and as you can see, it’s very consistent with my parsed Dragoon data.

This graph is further proof that each job scales Strength differently. But, what’s even more alerting to be is the differences in the “+1X.XXX” part of my linear slope. This is the base damage given 0 Strength, or the combination of Weapon Damage, Determination, and our base damage value. For the Dragoon, this value is 4.49ish.

The Japanese blogs however, with their AA testing, state that Determination scales similarly between all jobs. If this is correct, then there has to be a vast difference in the base damage of each job and/or Weapon Damage.

Next update, hopefully before Early Access, will be a similar Graph at 0 WD. This should provide me with base damage values and hopefully, we can see exactly what’s going on with our jobs.

Job coefficients Update

Preliminary Dragoon Stat-Weights

Now that I have two “models” which are both updated to represent accurate Determination scaling, I’ve decided to test them and calculate some updated weights for the Dragoon. In all honesty, this is very impressive… One thing to note with Crafted Gear: The lower your Strength, the lower the relative value Determination has. At i130, your Determination Weighting will be pushed up to 0.43. But, you have a set-up similar to what I have, where you have 646 Strength due to crafted gear, the weighting of Determination falls down to around 0.41

Now now lads and gals, don’t be thinking that this is set in-stone. There’s still more work to ensure we even greater accuracy, but these weights are a rough estimation for what is to come.

Also, Weapon Damage’s relative value is lower with my calculation. Previously, we just used Weapon Damage to calculate Auto-Attacks, as AA_DMG/AA_Delay provides “roughly” 100 Potency like standard Ability skills (It’s closer to 98.22 I believe). But now that Weapon Damage is no longer factored into my Auto-Attack damage calculations (the final damage is AD+AA), an increase in Weapon Damage doesn’t affect the Weights as much as they used to. I might just revert it back to how it originally was, for simplicities sake.

Preliminary Dragoon Stat-Weights

Damn you, Auto-Attacks!!

Valky had a Theory back in Beta Phase 3. His assumption, if he was correct, was that the only stat that scales differently between Auto-Attacks and Ability Attacks was Determination. Our original formula which was made by EasyModeX, as well as the Japanese Formula, were both constructed with this in mind. But, this rule does not fit my data samples what so ever.

Let’s look at the solver I’m using, and yes EMX, this is your original solver, albeit modified slightly.

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Damn you, Auto-Attacks!!