EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

Long story short, Mudras are silky smooth for EU Ninjas.

Decided to do some investigating. Unless I’ve been “fat fingering”, animation delays for GCDs are approximately 0.634s.

The 2nd Mudra came exactly 0.5s later, literally 0 Delay

If the CD of Mudras are 0.5s, then the Ration would of came at 1.635s, instead, it came at 1.702s, a whole 0.067s later. This could of been either me “Fat fingering” or there’s an additional delay between using a Mudra and a Ninjitsu

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EU Data Center + EU Ninja Mudra fixed

A request from the Community

I’m only speaking Hypothetically, *wink* *wink*, but what would you players of FFXIV expect from a community dedicated towards Theorycrafting? And I don’t just mean Mechanical Theorycrafting, such as Stat-Weights, Data Collection and the Damage Formula – I’m talking about a platform created specifically for indepth and intellectual Theorycrafting discussions about every single job in the game.

If you’re an experienced MMO player, especially in the Hardcore Raiding scene, let me know your thoughts and experiences from previous MMO communities as well as other forums you may of been on. A few that comes to mind, a sites such as ElitistJerks, Icy Veins, MMO Champion.

I want you to tell me any ideas you have, no matter how silly or basic they are. Dedicated threads for Jobs, special weekly discussions, more simulation work, whatever it is. Post it.

A request from the Community

Perma banned for good

Don’t talk about Parsers, ACT, recording data, log files or anything of the sort, on the official forums anymore. You have been warned. Square Enix’s forum moderation team can’t make up their mind on what is and isn’t safe to talk about.

Don’t get mad at the FFXIV Developers, as the Forum Moderators are in a completely different department in Square Enix and have literally no affiliation with the actual FFXIV Community Reps, Developors or others who are directly involved in the game.

It’s a shame, I guess, but their Moderation Team was the worst I’ve ever seen in any MMORPG anyway so I’m glad I’m no longer a part of it.

I guess it’s time to start moving on with other plans of mine.

Perma banned for good

Formula Updates

All Formulas are up in the “Damage Mechanics and Formulas” page. If you click on the 3 lines on the top right corner, it’ll open up a menu which you can use to navigate my posts. Anyway, here’s the current and most updated damage formulas:

Critical Hit Chance


Critical Hit Damage


Skillspeed on GCD


Formula Updates

Summoner Stat-Weight work

I’ve been actively working on updated Damage Formulas for all Jobs, along with their stat-weights. I’ve been pretty quite for some time, but I’ve now decided to start publishing again what I’ve been up to:

The Summoner is a really weird job. Please note this is still incomplete and all of these conclusions do not include pets what so ever, only take into account the damage dealt by the summoner himself and are based off being i210…, but there’s so many weird interactions, especially with how I’m calculating weights.

First, you need to understand that there is a difference between Book Whacker and Non-Book Whacking Summoners and how their overall damage is distributed.

12.1% of the damage dealt is from your Auto-Attack. Auto-Attacks come from Strength, which makes up 27.1% of your AA Damage, or, 3.28% of your overall damage.

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Summoner Stat-Weight work