3.0 Skillspeeds effect on GCD and DoTs


Mikal Mirkas has done an absolutely beautiful analysis on Skillspeed and came to the conclusion that there’s a 26-27 flip-flop each new “Skillspeed Threshold”, averaging out the Skillspeed shift to 26.5.

However, the first few points of skillspeed always seem to scale Skillspeed differently. As a precaution, I’m going to use the Japanese base GCD of 2.50256, giving us a new Skillspeed formula of:


Next, we know that Skillspeed Affects DoT damage. I don’t have many Data-Points for this unfortunately, but they’re roughly accurate and are tied to my Damage Calculation Formulae.

It’s pretty tight, but it looks like the Skillspeed Mod is approximately:


If you’ve read my previous post about the Damage Formulae, this Skillspeed Mod will fit under the buffs section when calculating damage. Alternatively, you can multiply it by the DoT potency. It’s the same effect.

3.0 Skillspeeds effect on GCD and DoTs

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