3.0 Damage Calculations for the Dragoon

Okay, here it goes. SquareEnix looks like they may of changed more than just the stats themselves. It appears there’s no longer a base damage value which my old model used to plus on top of the Strength modifier, after it’s been multiplied by 0.075.

This change to damage changes a lot of things. For example, the Strength Coefficient is now 0.011, and the Determination Coefficient is 0.0001368, which makes Determination scale almost 4.5 times less than 2.5X for Weapon Skills.

So, here’s the Updated Models, which, are a WIP:

Weapon Skills:


Skillspeed Mod for DoTs:
(1+(skillspeed-354)*0.0001285) – Note, this fits into the Buffs section.

GCD Calculation:
I read through a few sources about GCD on Bluegatr, Reddit and the JP one and now for GCDs I’m using:

The reason for 2.50256 is because the first 6 values of Skillspeed are valued differently. The Japanese use the 2.50256 number to by-pass the modifier for the first 6 values.

Of course, my Damage Models only work for the Dragoon and are still a WIP, so a few numbers will change.

Also, I spoke to Clorifex (Garlandtools guys) and he mentioned that the game uses whole numbers in every formula he’s encountered so far. Oddly:
1 / 0.0400573 = 24.96426889
1 / 0.1104181 = 9.056486629
1 / 0.0001368 = 7308.289367

There’s a good probability that the game actually Divides WD/STR by whole numbers, rather than multiplying by long decimals.

So, when I rounded these values, I got this:


This only gives me a 0.2 variation error over my model which multiplies values by decimals.

Total cumulative variation error is 3.8871, which is good, considering I still haven’t a clue how the Game rounds up numbers.

3.0 Damage Calculations for the Dragoon

2 thoughts on “3.0 Damage Calculations for the Dragoon

  1. Leggerless says:

    Looks nice, Dervy. Especially with a cumulative error of 3.8871 and a 0.2 variance error.

    Few questions though:

    1. For other classes, such as Ninjas and Warriors, are we expecting to see Job coefficients that we tack onto the equation you’ve already developed or entirely different equations for each class?

    2. Why is DET included in weaponskills, but not auto-attacks?


    1. 1) I don’t know how I’ll do the Job Coefficient work sadly. I think every job will just have their own Formula to use, makes it easier for me to calculate as all I have to do is input Data Points at varying WD/AP/DET and I’ll get it done.

      On top of that, having the new Damage Formulae layout where I’m dividing WD/AP/DET by 1/2/4 digit whole numbers, makes it easier to read and transfer across each job.

      2) The 0.000153 or whatever it is, is Determination. I just forgot to add 1+DET*Coefficient, lol.

      The AA formula for Dragoons is slightly different and is now also in the same whole number format. I’m going to make another quick update post about it fairly soon.


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