Determination Update v2

If you managed to make it through my previous Determination Update post, you would of seen that I posted an updated Ability Damage Formula for the Dragoon.


I wanted to streamline it a tad bit more. I was messing around with a few more data sets, and I realised that that the +X parts of Weapon Damage and Determination were fairly static. They were always accurate to the thousandth decimal place. I also noticed how close these numbers actually were to 1… And I thought to myself… “are they just multipliers and nothing more?”

Oddly, my assumption was accurate.


Or, a rounded version of:


This formula above streamlines all of the excessive numbers I used and also provides me with a damage variation exactly similar to my previous formula.

I still need to gather low AP/High DET data samples and run it by this formula, but it’s looking like this is the expression I’ll be sticking with.

Now that I’ve established the final Expression will be (WD*A+1)*(STR*B+C)*(DET*D+1), the next thing I’ll be doing is continuing my work on Job Coefficients. As we all know, each job affects damage differently and what I’d like to do next is find out whether jobs affect the value of stats individually, or if it’s just another external coefficient.

Determination Update v2

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