#Rekt kekeke

UPDATE: My ban has now been lifted, but I will still continue posting on this blog as I do not wish to clog up the official forums as much. Plus, it’s easier to reference all the up to date work if it’s on this blog, rather than being scattered all around the DPS forums.

I’ll continue my work here as usual, but also include all of my Dragoon related work in 3.0 if I do not get my ban lifted… That also includes the Machinist which will be my Alt Job!

I may also have one or two more things planned in the future, as I believe there needs to be a platform in place for real hardcore FFXIV enthusiasts and theorycrafters to discuss together in peace and harmony, away from the evil Square Enix Moderation Team.

#Rekt kekeke

12 thoughts on “#Rekt kekeke

  1. seekified / Karis Angara says:

    I take it this is because of discussing datamined information and whatnot? Seems like an overly aggressive response. Will you be delegating the 3.0 DRG thread to someone else or just post all your stuff here for now?


    1. I got a 2-week suspension for swearing in my reaction to Pandabearcat returning (I was banned last year for swearing as well). I believe the Permanent ban was because of Data-Mining post and they may of mistaken the FFXIV community rep “Carraway” with BlueGatr “Carraway” (Unless they’re the same person… Which is utterly hilarious)

      (Keep this a secret) I’m thinking of starting up a proper Theorycrafting forum or website, kinda like elitistjerks (for WoW) or something, so people can post everything from spreadsheets, circle jerk parses, tips/tricks/guides for all jobs, advanced number-crunching discussion, boss/raid guides, data-mined information etc. All of these things are the main reason why other really good players do not post on the Official Forums – Dictatorship style moderation and absolutely no organisation.


      1. Viridiana says:

        Sucks that you’ve been perma-banned. I have no idea why they would have escalated it, either. I can kinda see the temp ban for cursing (remember that Rickyguo got banned for cursing too, so someone reading the DRG thread is really sensitive). But if the permanent ban had been for mentioning data mining, I should have been banned, too (Viridiana on the forums). Plus, they seem to have deleted your post reacting to pandabearcat coming back, but not the one mentioning data mining, so. . .Yeah, no clue there. And to play devil’s advocate on the two-day gap, I’m assuming it took about that long for someone to get their panties in a wad and report you. After all, we both know the mods don’t read the DPS forums.

        Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing a good place to go for theorycrafting. I’ve definitely missed EJ since leaving WoW. In the mean time, I’m still free to provide data sets, and I’ll have all classes to 50 before too much longer. BLM should be by the end of the week. . .


      2. I even told them that the 2-week ban was understandable. I just don’t understand why I would of received a permanent ban. I’ll still be lurking the DPS forums however.

        Anyway, looking forward to your additional sets 🙂 BLM data is actually something I desperately need. Do you mind gathering data of low INT/high DET and high INT/low DET data at 51 weapon damage? I believe there’s an i49 or a GC weapon with that weapon damage for a BLM. That’s the WD I’m using to do my Job Comparisons.


  2. StUfF says:

    Planning on using any other forum or sites apart from blog/reddit – good for posting results but don’t find either ideal for discussion.


    1. In the future, yup. I’m thinking of making a forum, similar to ElitistJerks for World of Warcraft. It’ll take a while as I’d want it to be professional looking and not crappy.


      1. StUfF says:

        I’ll keep checking back I guess. Forums are pretty hard to sustain without a critical mass of posters. Even the official forums which has the benefit of “official” and users logging in with their SE account aren’t exactly the busiest in the world.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bookmarked. Sucks about your ban derv, no point visiting the official forums now I guess if you’ll be doing stuff here. I know where to come to perfect the 3.0 rotation, of whatever they change on us.


    1. I’ve actually been unbanned now lol :D. But I’ll be posting a lot more frequently here rather than the Official Forums as I don’t want to get banned.

      All I’ll be doing there is creating the new 3.0 topic and help construct the new rotation (and to contact a few people for help/advice)


  4. Esylenna says:

    Sorry to be kind of off-topic, but I really hope you reply. I got perma-banned from the FFXIV forums a few months ago and I’m really curious as to how you got yours lifted? I have sent e-mails every few business days to SE Support Center, but I keep getting the same automated response. I’ve tried calling support as well and they just tell me that they cannot help me and direct me back to their Support Center, which just ends up sending me the exact same response. I really hope you see this and I really hope you reply, I’m really desperate and I’d appreciate any insight you may have, thank you.


    1. Perm bans are perm bans. Only exception was my case, where the fault was with SE and their system flagging me multiple times (for some reason).

      I’m actually permabanned again as I were asking people to send me recorded data on the official forums.

      I wouldn’t bother try to get unbanned mate. Official forums are full of retarded mods and there’s a good probability you’ll get banned again anyway.


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